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The Fortress - NEODERMA, in Naarden

14 January 2019

"The Fortress" NEODERMA, in Naarden.

Published by NEODERMA Press, in Amsterdam.

Adriaan Dortsmanplein
No. 3

NEODERMA proudly announces its new Brand Experience Center in Naarden, the Netherlands. The new grand location in Naarden, situated inside a preserved 17th Century Star Fort (star-shape), is surrounded by majestic water lakes and nature, offers to be a blissful destination.

The fortress, Naarden is a landmark location, enriched with culture, history and art scenery.

The impressive fortress building surroundings comprise of private lakes, a rooftop landscape scenery, a fine dining restaurant, and public guests facilities.

NEODERMA is located in the right arm of the fortress and comprises the garden conference-training area, the launch - lobby area, the brand experience center and product training, the brand experts and top management team areas.

The new experience center is expected to open this Spring 2020.

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