Our brightest ideas are often the simplest, and they are waiting within the mind’s hidden wonders. It is here where we visualize a concept, an object, moving from a blank canvas to a brilliant idea, one that might be everything!

Neoderma is a premium airless skincare brand. Neoderma is the New-Now, the Neo choice at the broader ecosystem of derma (skin).

Neoderma is using the world’s most advanced Airless (Air-Free) green-ecosystem packaging systems, made from the finest exclusive raw materials, using Allergen-Free Fragrance, Synthetic Dye-Free, Paraben-Free, Mineral Oil-Free, Paraffin Wax Free, Vaseline Free, MCI/MI Free, Formaldehyde Donors Free, Genetically-Modified-Organism-Free, and is Not Tested On Animals.

Neoderma is a breeding ground for new ideas. It is proactive and intends to provide a new lens through which to look and reconsider the world of skincare.

The ‘Neoderma story’ is not a sales pitch.
It is to be perceived, embraced by all and expanded as a core brand truth and a radical gesture that works as a springboard for development and a source of inspiration.

As a vision that is tested and proven day by day while it radiates the brand’s values and insights. Neoderma’s tactics of communication must focus on interesting, relevant, contemporary, even unexpected ways to transmit the brand story and its main calls (choice-skin-senses-neo); such tactics must be intelligent, humorous, sophisticated with a certain edge that defies fashions, favors style and weaves a new cosmetics culture and compiles its atlas of references.

Every tool and every means (site design and language, social media messaging, blog content, campaign decisions, videos and printed presentations, below the line events and sponsorships, store look, public presence and company activity) must be aligned around and with the story and regenerate its characteristics.

The language used must be modest, precise and imaginative, balanced and creative without making exaggerated or overly lyrical claims: Art and Science, Life and Technology, Corporeality and Performativity must blend in good measurements and form brand essence and presence. The brand must be able to speak the language of different worlds, of realities and fictions alike, and ultimately connect them with its own tools and ability to prototype, to materialize and visualize. Every brand claim must be realized in one form or the other.

Neoderma is engaging with design within the aesthetic, ethical and social concerns and questions that shape all its policies. As it is rejecting the identity of the ‘hard seller’ for itself, it is also rejecting the idea of a design as a vehicle that contributes to ‘a supermarket of beautiful things for purchase’. As it is breaking out of the stereotype of the cosmetics field, the company collaborates with designers that escape the constraints of perceived ‘good’ or ‘proper’ design and reflect on a brand’s very essence and practices through a process of redesign and radical thinking.

Neoderma’s logo and related packaging is the result of such reflection. It distils the brand’s values in a mathematical/philosophical gesture- a formula of abstraction and eloquent simplicity. The diagonal that links the two vertical lines at letter N becomes a symbol of commitment and action.

Particularly important in the history of painting and the organization of the visual field, the diagonal is recognized as a force that ascends and descends, cuts through and energizes vision. In T.S. Eliot’s poetry, it is “the still point of the turning world”. In Hannah Arendt’s philosophical writings it is the force that cuts into the Now, a metaphor for the thinking process.

“This diagonal, though pointing to some infinity, is limited, enclosed, as it were, by the forces of past and future, and thus protected against the void; it remains bound to and is rooted in the present — an entirely human present though it is fully actualized only in the thinking process and lasts no longer than this process lasts. It is the quiet of the Now in the time-pressed, time-tossed existence of man; it is somehow, to change the metaphor, the quiet in the center of a storm which, though totally unlike the storm, still belongs to it. In this gap between past and future, we find our place in time when we think, that is, when we are sufficiently removed from past and future to be relied on to find out their meaning, to assume the position of “umpire,” of arbiter and judge over the manifold, never-ending affairs of human existence in the world, never arriving at a final solution to their riddles but ready with ever-new answers to the question of what it may be all about.”(H.A. The Life of the Mind).

The process of manufacturing can be told in various ways.
The perfect product is only a state of mind. It is the state of mind where all of our ideas and challenges come into living. To create iconic products is to manufacture products with soul, with exceptional design, and an inspirational concept. It is an art skill, and endurance of trial and error, to recreate all rules and manufacture a signature product.

R Scientific’s new manufacturing facility is a powerhouse which can produce over 1 million products weekly. The Quality Control, accomplished via robotic control stations that are placed in every part of the production line.

R Scientific’s Airless Filling Plant is one of our new unique assets. This endeavor is key to provide products of immense quality and iconic feel. R Scientific’s Airless Filling Plant allows us to manufacture and deliver finished goods without oxidation and product contamination.

The new plant benefits the consumer and environment. With airless, we can provide products with precise dispensing capabilities. Airless gives us the power to eliminate waste and the opportunity to produce gas-free products.

Airless packaging is expected to become the defacto packaging method in the world. By implementing this technology to our entire production plant, does not simply make us an innovator and provide our brands with the sophistication that defines them, but also gives a first mover advantage in our target audience.

Neoderma experience goes back 25 years with the main focus on product innovation, the skin and the well-being of the consumer. Neoderma is defined by its name. Neo meaning New, and Derma meaning Skin. Neoderma provides solutions for individuals with any skin concerns through its continuous research and determination to create an ecosystem of boundless customizable products, ensuring to improve the lifestyle of each individual.

Acne-Blemish Prone Skin, Oil Control & Visible Pores, Dryness & Dehydration, Dull Skin & Lack of Radiance, Dark Spots & Brightening, Anti-Wrinkle, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Skin Firming, Delicate & Couperose Prone Skin, Sun Protection, Color Correction, Daily Care, Acne-Prone Skin & Renewal, Delicate Skin & Renewal, Dehydrated Skin, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Firming, Fine Lines & Wrinkles