Chest Acne

Acne can appear anywhere on the skin, even on the chest. Here are the top potential causes of chest acne and how to treat and prevent the breakouts. (1) Sweat. One common reason for breakouts on the chest is sweat that lingers on the skin for prolonged periods. Try rinsing off within 10 minutes of exercising or sweating to keep your skin clear. (2) Ill-fitting clothes, fabrics, or materials. If you have sensitive skin, ill-fitting clothing and certain materials can cause breakouts. Look for lightweight, loose, and natural materials with extra breathability to reduce your chances of experiencing chest acne. (3) Skincare or makeup products. Depending on the ingredients, certain beauty products have a higher likelihood of causing breakouts than others. When looking for new moisturizers, body lotions, or concealers, make sure the product is non-comedogenic, oil-free, and non-acnegenic.

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