Do It & Glow

So we all know we should stay away from tanning because no one needs premature sun aging issues. Are there safe ways to get rid of our winter paleness and put some healthy color onto our cheeks? Here are 5 ways to glow that don't involve tanning: (1) Exfoliate. If you're battling with dull skin, this is the first step to get a brighter skin complexion. (2) Tinted sunscreens. You need to be wearing sunscreen anyway, so why not choose one with a little bit of warm color or shimmer? (3) Body highlighter. Highlighter brushed on to the tops of your cheeks and across your brow bones is a simple way to give your skin a brighter look. (4) Bronzer applied to your face's outer edges can give you that shade you're coveting—minus the sun damage. (5) Exercise. Need to look great for a Zoom meeting? Do 10 jumping jacks to put the color in your cheeks.

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