Dry Skin Under Eyes

The skin under the eyes is considerably more delicate and thinner than other body parts. This means that it's more susceptible to drying out because it isn't as able to retain moisture. Not only is dry skin troublesome and uncomfortable, but it can also affect elasticity, leading to premature wrinkles or even infections if the skin is dry enough to crack open. Fortunately, you can correct dry skin under the eyes and prevent it from happening with a few simple steps. Here are some tips: (1) Reduce stress on your skin. For example, avoid rubbing your eyes and using hot water on your face. (2) Simplify your beauty routine and stay consistent with cleansing and hydrating to combat dryness. (3) Assess what you're applying to your face and what might be causing dryness. Overzealous use of harsh products can dry out and irritate sensitive eye areas.

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