Fall Skincare Routine

Autumn is the perfect time to reassess our skincare routines. Not only does fall bring on cooler weather, but the drop in humidity can also make dry skin even drier. So, to help you avoid any seasonal skin woes, here are a few tips from skin experts to help keep your skin in tip-top shape. (1) Switch to a heftier moisturizer. Experts recommend creams formulated with ceramides to help support your skin barrier. You may also want to add an extra layer of hydration, such as a hyaluronic acid serum, to your skincare routine to prevent dry skin. (2) Keep dry and itchy skin at bay with a body lotion or butter. A good body lotion provides a protective barrier over the skin, helping your body retain hydration as humidity drops. (3) Consider cutting back on exfoliation. Over-exfoliation can lead to the loss of precious hydration by causing tiny cracks in the skin barrier.

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