Flaky Skin

During the harsh winter months, your skin can face a barrage of challenges from the elements. Not only does the frigid air lack humidity, leading to dryness, but the freezing temperatures, relentless indoor heating, and biting winds can also take a toll. However, if your skin appears unusually flaky, there could be more culprits behind this issue than just the weather. Let's delve into the reasons, beyond the cold climate, that could be causing your skin to flake and peel: (1) Washing with too-hot water. On a chilly day, a steaming hot shower may seem like the perfect remedy for your cold shivers. But all that scalding water bombarding your skin is likely dehydrating it, leaving it feeling dry, itchy, and flaky once you've toweled off. The reason? The hotter the water, the more it breaks down your skin's natural oil barrier, making it susceptible to irritation and robbing it of its innate moisture. Your best defense is to opt for short, warm showers and to apply moisturizer generously from head to toe while your skin is still damp. This ensures the preservation of your skin's natural moisture and aids in the recovery of its protective barrier. (2) Over-exfoliation. AHAs and BHAs can work wonders for enhancing skin tone and combating fine lines and blackheads. However, it's easy to get carried away. If you already have dry skin, excessive use of acids can lead to the breakdown of your skin's natural moisture barrier or even push your skin into an exfoliation frenzy, resulting in excessive flaking or peeling as dead skin is shed. To prevent this, tailor your exfoliation routine to suit your skin's needs: if you have dry and sensitive skin, use AHAs once a week, while oilier skin can benefit from BHAs every few nights. If you notice persistent peeling, take a break from chemical exfoliation and treat your skin with a hydrating mask before continuing with your skincare routine. (3) Dehydration. It's essential to stay hydrated not only from within by drinking plenty of water daily but also externally. If you observe excessive flakiness, upgrade your skincare regimen with deeply hydrating products, such as a natural moisturizer for dry skin or skin care cream infused with vitamin E. (4) Not applying your products correctly. The order in which you apply your skincare products is crucial. Each product should have its designated place in a step-by-step system, ensuring that each one maximizes its potential and imparts the best benefits to your skin. For instance, applying moisturizer directly onto dry, flaky skin won't address the issue effectively. Gentle exfoliation should be followed by a skin toning lotion, serum/ampoule, eye cream, and then your moisturizer. Once your routine is well-structured, you'll bid farewell to flakes as a thing of the past!

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