Fragrance In Skincare

For most people, fragrances in skincare products don't cause issues. In fact, it can add a relaxing and sensory experience that can make a skincare routine enjoyable. However, experts explain that for individuals with sensitive skin, fragrance may cause a reaction in two possible ways: (1) irritant contact dermatitis and (2) allergic contact dermatitis. The first stems from fragrance irritating the outer layer of skin, leading to a damaged skin barrier. The second occurs if the fragrance is recognized as a foreign molecule by the skin, resulting in an immune response. In both cases, the skin can feel uncomfortable and inflamed with flaking, dryness, and itching. Of course, not everyone will experience a reaction to fragrance. If you don't have sensitive skin or haven't had any adverse reactions in the past, you don't need to toss out your fragranced skincare products.

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