How to Achieve Smooth Legs

Struggling with strawberry legs? If you want your legs to look smooth and even, the best method is exfoliation. Here are the top ways to exfoliate your skin to achieve super-smooth legs: (1) Scrubs. A body scrub can help lift excess dead skin and reveal a fresh surface. Just make sure the granules are small enough to prevent them from being too abrasive on the skin. (2) Chemical exfoliation. AHAs and BHAs are two ingredients that can gently dissolve dead skin and brighten overall skin tone. If you have strawberry legs, chemical exfoliation can often work better than mechanical exfoliation. (3) Dry brushing. It's a form of physical exfoliation that has the added benefit of increasing circulation on the skin. If you're interested in dry brushing, be sure to find a brush with bristles that are gentle enough not to harm the skin barrier.

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