How to Exfoliate Sensitive Skin

Just because you have sensitive or easily irritated skin doesn't mean you can't exfoliate it. However, it would be best to approach it with caution as exfoliating incorrectly can worsen sensitivity. Steer clear of harsh acids and physical exfoliators, and instead, look for a mild exfoliator with natural enzymes. Here are the 3 rules to keep in mind when exfoliating sensitive skin. (1) Start slow. Begin with exfoliating once a week and increase as tolerated. (2) Be ingredient savvy. Know what to avoid to lower the risk of irritating your skin. (3) Be mindful of your skin barrier and protecting the integrity of the skin. If you notice your skin barrier is damaged, take a break from exfoliants for 2 weeks and slowly reintroduce them when your skin is feeling repaired.

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