How to Prevent Eczema Scars

Eczema brings about a red, itchy rash that can form all over the body or in selective areas. And while the redness and itching can eventually subside with proper treatment, many are left with discoloration and scars from the irritation. However, prevention is key to keeping on top of this issue. Follow the tips ahead to reduce the chance of scarring or lingering marks. (1) Resist the urge to scratch. Continuously scratching or rubbing eczema lesions can damage the skin's protective barrier, which can lead to scarring. (2) Cleanse your skin with care. When bathing or washing your hands, avoid skin irritants like harsh soaps and chemicals, and use lukewarm water to avoid triggers. (3) Moisturize. To keep rough and itchy patches at bay, use emollients. They are designed to keep the skin supple and moist by reducing water loss from the outer layer of the skin.

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