How to Reduce Acne-Related Redness

Skin redness related to acne is caused by inflammation--your body's natural response to heal itself. However, when inflammation goes on too long, it can harm the skin and cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Another factor for redness is the dilation of blood vessels that occurs from the increased nutritional needs of the lesions. To reduce acne-related redness, try following these tips: (1) Use anti-inflammatory treatments. You can also support your skin from the inside by avoiding inflammation-causing foods like sugar, alcohol, and spicy foods. (2) Use brightening products. If you are especially prone to dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and redness, incorporating brightening and exfoliating products can help improve skin tone and fade red marks and scars on the skin. (3) Use sunscreen. This can help expedite the healing process and protect you from UV rays that can stimulate melanin cells.

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