How to Transform Rough Skin

Want to improve your skin texture? Although you may not be able to reclaim your childhood's smooth, blemish-free complexion, you can do a few things to improve its texture and achieve healthy, glowy skin. Read on for some tips: (1) Ditch the junk food. Refined carbs, processed foods, and alcohol can create an imbalance in your stomach's microbiome, which can eventually manifest in your skin. (2) Get enough sleep. (3) Be consistent with cleansing and exfoliation. Cleansing and mild exfoliation are essential for a smoother and more radiant complexion. Pick products that are rich in antioxidants to give your skin an extra boost during your skincare routine. (4) Moisturize your skin. Regardless of your skin type or condition, hydrating your skin with the right moisturizer can help you achieve a smoother skin texture.

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