Mistakes You're Making When treating Tired Eyes

Are you making these eye-care blunders? Here are the top habits that make your eyes look and feel more tired. (1) You don't cleanse your lashes and lids in the morning. Removing sleep crust from the eyes and gently hydrating the eyelid skin is essential for keeping your lash line and lids looking healthy and less tired. (2) You rim your waterline with eyeliner. Although 'tight-lining' with white eyeliner is a popular method for making the eyes look bigger, skin experts say that this can cause more problems in the long run, such as potential swelling of the lash line and clogging the oil glands with makeup. (3) Over-using eye drops. Using anti-redness eye drops all the time can be too harsh and cause irritation in the long run. Instead, opt for gentler, preservative-free allergy eye drops, which can be used safely for regular use.

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