Are you familiar with the concept of the 7 types of rest a person needs? It could explain why occasionally we will return from a vacation feeling even more tired than when we first set out. (1) Physical rest—is about allowing your body to rest. If you have been on your feet all day or have exerted yourself more than you are used to, your body will loudly demand physical rest. (2) Mental rest—is about giving your mind a break from thinking about complex problems and work to-dos. When you feel your mind is starting to fall into brain fog, and your decision-making ability is impaired, that's when you need to take a walk or have a nap and give your mind a rest. (3) Sensory rest—the need for this type of rest often occurs when your senses have been on high alert. Traveling to a new place, going on a vacation, having a new experience will all require more use of your senses than other ordinary activities, which is why you might feel tired afterward.

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