Should You Use a Dermaroller At Home?

Dermarollers are popular skincare tools with hundreds of tiny needles that roll over the skin. The Dermaroller pierces the stratum corneum to create minute punctures that ultimately trigger the body's wound-healing process, stimulating cell regeneration and the production of collagen and elastin. Although you can Dermaroll at home, experts advise doing so with extreme caution. Bad techniques can trigger infection and even damage your skin. If you have your mind set on using a dermaroller at home, here are a few key things to remember: (1) Ensure your skin is blemish free and freshly cleansed. (2) Clean the Dermaroller before and after use. (3) Start slow and see how your skin responds. (4) Don't press the dermaroller into the skin. Instead, lightly roll the tool over your skin to decrease the likelihood of irritation.

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