Skin Chafing

Got a case of skin chafing? Chafing is that annoying and uncomfortable feeling when your skin gets irritated from a combination of friction, humidity, and sweat. Whether it's your thighs, underarms, or any other body part, prolonged chafing can make your skin sting and develop a mild rash and, in severe cases, cause swelling and bleeding. Common causes of chafing include endurance sports, certain fabrics, or ill-fitting clothes. Thankfully, there are plenty of tricks to prevent and treat it! Here are some simple prevention steps you can take to keep chafing at bay: (1) Keep your skin dry! After sweating up a storm, make sure to thoroughly dry those trouble spots. Moisture is like a chafing invitation, so take extra care to keep your skin dry and friction-free. (2) Find the perfect fit. Choose clothing made from moisture-wicking fabrics that let your skin breathe. Say no to rough or tight clothes that love to cause friction. Don't squeeze yourself into clothes that are too tight or made from rough materials. (3) Add a layer of protection to your skin. Applying a lubricating product, skin care cream, or anti-chafing balms from natural skincare brands or clean beauty brands to areas prone to chafing can work wonders to keep chafing at bay. (4) Shield and protect. For areas that are prone to chafing or are extra sensitive, slapping on some bandages, adhesive tape, or moleskin can give you that added layer of protection and relief. (5) Take a breather. If chafing strikes during your favorite activities, take a break and let your skin recover. Pushing through the pain won't do you any favors. Rest up, protect your skin, and get back in the game when your skin is feeling better. (6) Keep it clean. Good hygiene is essential. Gently cleanse those chafed areas with mild soap from professional skincare brands, and make sure to pat them dry with a soft towel. If your skin is already chafed, avoid rubbing or touching the area, hold off on products containing "actives," and use an ice pack to cool the area.

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