Skincare on Wet Vs. Dry Skin

Wondering if you should apply your skincare products on wet or dry skin? Understanding the nuances of each method can help optimize your skincare routine, whether you're using luxury skincare brands, natural skincare products, or essentials like a natural moisturizer for dry skin. Applying Skincare on Wet Skin The logic behind applying certain skincare products to damp skin is based on the principle of occlusion. When the skin is wet, it is more permeable, meaning that the absorption of some products can be enhanced. This method is particularly beneficial for hydrating products like a natural moisturizer for dry skin or serums containing hyaluronic acid or glycerin. Applying Skincare on Dry Skin Conversely, certain products perform better when applied to dry skin, mainly because they are designed to work without water interference. This may include certain anti-aging skincare products, exfoliating acids and peels, high-end treatments, and potent actives. Applying these products to dry skin ensures precise application and prevents dilution or irritation. Considerations for Both Methods Skin type: Your skin type is crucial in deciding which method to use. For instance, those with a skincare routine for dry skin may benefit more from applying products to damp skin. Product instructions: Always follow the product's instructions. Top cosmetic brands and professional skincare brands conduct extensive research to determine the optimal application method for their products. Layering: When layering products, consider their texture and function. Water-based products like clean beauty products or natural face moisturizers generally can go on damp skin, followed by oil-based products on dry skin to seal in moisture.

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