Skincare Sandwich

When it comes to layering skincare on dry or sensitive skin, it may help if you think of it like building a sandwich. Just as you would layer ingredients in a sandwich to create the perfect balance of flavors, you can layer your skincare products to achieve the best results for your skin. One effective way to layer your skincare is by "sandwiching" intense actives between moisturizers. This technique helps to reduce the possibility of experiencing skin irritation, as the moisturizers act as a buffer between the active ingredient and your skin. By layering your skincare products in this way, you can achieve results while minimizing the risk of increased sensitivity. Want to give it a try? Here's how you can sandwich your skincare like a pro: (1) Apply a lightweight moisturizer to cleansed skin. (2) Layer on your active ingredient. (3) Finish off with a final layer of moisturizer to complete the skincare sandwich.

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