Skincare Tips for Dry Elbows

Struggling with dry, ashy elbows this winter? Try these tips to help effectively bring moisture back to your skin: (1) Apply hydrating products while your elbows are damp, such as after a shower, to help lock in hydration. (2) Pick thicker products. The best products for dry and ashy elbows are thicker formulas that protect your skin from the drying elements of the outside world. (3) Use mild and hydrating cleansers while bathing. Harsh body soaps can make dry elbows even drier. (4) Try slugging your elbows. Finish up your nighttime skincare routine by applying an occlusive product to your elbows and covering them with long sleeves to intensify the hydrating effect. (5) Exfoliate. If the moisturizing products you're applying to your skin aren't working, you may have too many dead cells in the way. Incorporate exfoliation a couple of times a week to rid your skin of dead skin buildup and boost your skin's ability to soak up moisture.

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