Sneaky Things That Cause Dark Circles

Stress, fatigue, and thinning skin are all high on the list of the usual suspects fueling dark circles around the eyes. However, certain allergens can also leave behind relentless dark circles that even a night of beauty sleep can't fix. Ahead are a few sneaky things that may be causing your tired, puffy-looking eyes. (1) Mold. Moisture in areas like the bathroom, basement, or kitchen is the ideal environment for mold to grow. Although harmless in many cases, the tiny spores that mold releases can cause itchy eyes and congestion, leading to puffiness around the eyes and, over time, dark circles. (2) Irritating skincare products or makeup. Many facial products often contain additives that can leave the skin inflamed and stressed when applied to sensitive skin. Because the eye area is extra sensitive, harsh ingredients can build up unwanted symptoms that create that dreaded dark circle look. (3) Medication or food allergies. Some allergic reactions caused by food or medication cause irritated eyes and nasal congestion, which encourage dark circles to emerge.

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