Spring Allergies & Skin

Are your spring allergies taking a toll on your skin? If you've noticed a few changes in your skin's appearance as pollen levels peak, the inflammation in your body may also be affecting your skin. For example, suppose you have allergic conjunctivitis that causes a reaction in the membranes lining the eye. In that case, you may find yourself rubbing them to alleviate itching, which can accelerate signs of aging. Or, if you have eczema, seasonal allergens may trigger flare-ups that leave an itchy, red rash. But worry not! Here are a few steps you can take to alleviate your allergy-related skin woes. (1) Use a gentle moisturizer to soothe inflamed skin and control flare-ups. (2) Minimize eye irritation by wearing sunglasses when pollen levels are high, and combat puffiness by using eye cream. (3) Prevent wrinkles by avoiding rubbing, touching, or scratching your skin.

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