Status Skin

Heard of 'Status Skin?' It's the latest make-up-skincare hybrid taking over social media that leans towards fresh-faced beauty and naturally glowy skin. According to skin experts, status skin is not about hiding imperfections. Instead, it's about conditioning the skin and elevating it with serums, illuminators, and a touch of coverage. Want to give it a try? Follow these tips: (1) Start by curating a skincare routine that makes your skin look and feel soothed and healthy. Consider your skin type and concern, and apply the appropriate serum, facial oil, mist, or other products that help you feel confident and beautiful. (2) For a sculpted effect, contour your face with beauty tools like Gua Sha, jade roller, or micro-current wands. (3) Illuminate your skin with dewy skin tints or BB creams. (4) Embrace your skin and let your natural texture, spots, and freckles take center stage!

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