The Cleansing

Wondering what triple cleansing is? You've probably heard of the K-beauty-inspired double cleanse, which involves two rounds of cleansing to ensure a clean face. The triple cleanse is the same concept, but it takes it to the next level by including another cleansing step in your routine to effectively remove all traces of dirt, debris, sunscreen, and makeup off the skin. However, experts warn that this beauty trend is not for everyone and shouldn't be part of your everyday routine. Triple cleansing is generally considered helpful for individuals who live in high-pollution areas, work in extremely hot or dirty environments, or wear a lot of makeup daily. Overall, how often and how deeply you cleanse your skin depends on your lifestyle and skin type. Occasionally adding in a triple cleanse may be helpful depending on your lifestyle and circumstance, but overwashing can also lead to increased water loss and sensitivity.

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