Treating Back Blackheads

Have blackheads on your back? They can be tricky to treat because they're harder to reach, but getting rid of them is possible with these tips: (1) Wash your back with a salicylic acid cleanser. It can break down oil and dead skin cells responsible for blackheads. (2) Use a gentle exfoliator on your back to clear your skin of dead cells, oil, and dirt. (3) Change clothes after sweating or exercising to prevent bacteria buildup. (4) Use oil-free sunscreen and avoid over-moisturizing the skin on your back. (5) Don't pick at blackheads. Doing so can lead to infection, irritation, or even scarring. If your blackheads persist for longer than 8 weeks after starting a treatment regimen, visit a dermatologist who can guide you on specific ways to get rid of your blackheads.

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