When to Apply Vitamin C Serum

Wondering when is the best time to apply vitamin C serum? According to skin experts, the best time to apply vitamin C serum is typically in the morning as part of your daytime skincare routine. By using it in the morning, you can take advantage of its antioxidant properties, which help protect the skin throughout the day from various environmental stressors and free radicals. Additionally, using vitamin C in the morning can help provide a brightening effect and a radiant complexion throughout the day. Here's a step-by-step guide: (1) Cleanse your face: Begin your routine by washing your face with a gentle cleanser from a clean beauty brand. (2) Tone (optional): If you use a skin toning lotion in your beauty routine, apply it after cleansing and before the vitamin C serum. This step helps balance the skin's pH and prepares it for better absorption of subsequent products. (3) Apply vitamin C serum: Take a few drops of your vitamin C serum onto your fingertips or palm. Gently massage it into your face, avoiding the area close to your eyes. You can also extend it to your décolletage if desired. (4) Let it absorb: Give the serum a few minutes to absorb into your skin. This allows vitamin C to penetrate and provide its benefits. (5) Moisturize: Follow up with a natural face moisturizer suitable for your skin type. This step helps seal in the serum and provides additional hydration. (6) Sunscreen: Since vitamin C can increase the skin's sensitivity to sunlight, it's crucial to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen containing at least SPF 30 or higher. This step is crucial if you're using vitamin C in the morning. However, it's worth noting that the efficacy of vitamin C is not dependent on the time of day alone. Consistent and regular use is more important than the specific time of application. Incorporating it into your daily anti-aging skincare routine will help you experience the benefits over time.

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