November 2021. — NEODERMA, the world's first Airless Luxury Skincare line and one of the fastest-growing European skincare brands active in the market today, has signed a distributor agreement with Peru in Q4 2021. 

Peru is an emerging beauty market in South America. According to, revenue in Peru’s cosmetics and hygiene market was valued at 2.36 billion USD.

In Peru, spa treatments and beauty products harness the power of natural ingredients. Moreover, Peruvian ingredients are celebrated in beauty practices far and wide for having excellent benefits for skin. 

There is also a long-standing belief that there’s a natural answer to most beauty concerns. And NEODERMA expects this consumer preference for clean, ethically sourced ingredients will extend to skincare formulas used by the luxury brand. 

NEODERMA Peru’s distributor network will include doctors, dermatologists, pharmacies, and malls. Key treatments expected to be in high demand include NEODERMA’s Bio-Peeling Earth + Floret facials, which are vegan and meet the growing desire for professional-grade products (used by salons and spas) for at-home consumers in Peru. 

Other products that are expected to do well in Peru include the Smart Living Cleansers, NEODERMA’s next-gen Toning-Lotions that are packed with patented FUSION-BIOTICS© tech, conveying active ingredients that give skin a visible glow. 

NEODERMA’s Blue Blood Line, Sunscreens, and Neo-White products will also make their Peruvian debut.

Since their historic rebranding in 2017, NEODERMA products have made a name for themselves as setting the benchmark for leading in European compliance standards, including dermatological and ophthalmological testing, vegan, and other “clean beauty” markers, such as sustainable production, ethical sourcing, and toxin-free ingredients.

Peru is the first country in the South American region that NEODERMA has partnered with, which follows NEODERMA’s successful entry into key beauty hubs in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. 

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