AMSTERDAM. July 2021. — A leader in the #CleanBeauty movement and airless packaging technology, NEODERMA has signed a distributor agreement to bring its premium skincare line to Vietnam. 

“Vietnam is an emerging beauty market in East Asia,” says Andreas Loizou, CEO of NEODERMA. “Our expansion to Vietnam is a direct result of growing interest and awareness of our brand in this market.” 

According to, revenue in Vietnam’s beauty and personal care market is presently at US$2,290m this year and is expected to grow annually by 5.93% (CAGR 2021-2025).

Vietnam’s personal care segment, which includes skincare products and the like, has a market volume of US$1,027m in 2021. Of this market share, experts forecast that 17% of total revenue will be generated through online sales in 2021.

In Asia, the use of natural ingredients to protect one’s health has a long cultural tradition. And NEODERMA anticipates this consumer preference will extend to the luxury brand’s skincare formulas. 

Additionally, today’s consumers show rising interest in sustainable production, ethical sourcing, and toxin-free ingredients and prefer brands that share these values.

Compared to other brands that share the same consumer space, NEODERMA leads in European compliance standards, including dermatological and ophthalmological testing, vegan, and other “clean beauty” markers. Their products also meet the growing desire for professional-grade products (used by salons and spas) for at-home consumers, such as their Bio-Peeling Earth + Floret facials. 

Additionally, NEODERMA’s next-gen Toning-Lotions are packed with patented FUSION-BIOTICS© tech, conveying active ingredients that give your skin a visible glow.

“We are pleased to inspire the industry with this new generation of Cleansers and Toning Serums. Beauty professionals and consumers alike will experience what the skin can achieve with a properly effective foundation,” says Loizou.

NEODERMA’s CEO firmly believes that consumers should not have to tolerate superficial cleansers and toners in their skincare routines that don’t pull their weight. In response to the deficiencies seen in available products, NEODERMA’s Toning-Lotions line of the world’s first Cleanser and Toning Serum was born. 

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