March 2024. – NEODERMA, the world's first Airless Luxury Skincare line renowned for its cutting-edge formulations and commitment to unparalleled quality, is thrilled to announce its entry into the Serbian market through an exclusive distributorship agreement.

According to, Serbia's Beauty & Personal Care market is projected to generate a revenue of US $ 625.30m in 2024.

With a growing demand for clean, ethically sourced ingredients, the Serbian market presents a prime opportunity for NEODERMA to showcase its clean, innovative formulations and elevate the skincare experience for individuals seeking premium solutions.

NEODERMA’s skincare products will be available through exclusive partnerships with dermatologists, beauty experts/therapists, and offline retailers across Serbia. By partnering with leading professionals and retailers in Serbia, NEODERMA aims to empower consumers with access to transformative skincare experiences that deliver visible results and lasting benefits.

Among the most sought-after treatments anticipated to capture interest among Serbian consumers are NEODERMA’s Bio-Peeling Earth + Floret Facials. These vegan treatments align with the increasing preference for luxurious, salon and spa-quality products.

The Blue Blood Line, Smart Living Cleansers, Sunscreens, and Neo-White collections will also be introduced to the Serbian market, promising a comprehensive skincare collection to new audiences.

NEODERMA's launch in Serbia represents a significant milestone in its global expansion, reinforcing its dedication to delivering luxury skincare experiences to beauty enthusiasts worldwide. With its unwavering commitment to quality, high-performance ingredients, ethical sourcing, sustainable production, and cutting-edge technology, NEODERMA is poised to make a lasting impression in the Serbian market.

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