AMSTERDAM. DECEMBER 2022.—NEODERMA, a pioneer in the world’s first Airless Luxury Skincare line, has officially launched on Tmall Global platform on 2nd December 2022.

Since its founding in the 1990s, NEODERMA has delivered skincare products that lead the industry in compliance standards, dermatological and ophthalmological testing, vegan ingredients, and other “clean beauty” markers.

This step into the Chinese market continues NEODERMA’s global expansion in providing professional-grade products for at-home consumers and professionals.

Tmall Global is a retail platform of Alibaba Group dedicated to providing Chinese consumers with direct access to overseas brands and goods. More than 70,000 brands are presented on Tmall Global, and the platform has over 500 million active users every month. Total revenue for 2021 climbed to $4.9 billion, according to EcommerceDB.

Online retail is by far the fastest-growing channel for cosmetics sales in China. And Tmall Global’s e-commerce platform significantly influences consumer purchases by providing a platform for online consumers to share shopping and product experiences.

According to a report by, China is the world’s second-largest beauty and personal care product market after the US, and China’s cosmetics and toiletries market is dominated by skincare products (51%). Additionally, household spending on personal care products is projected to grow 6.3% by 2025.

NEODERMA wishes to express special thanks to our NEODERMA Partners in China for the successful launch and entry into the Chinese market.

Visit NEODERMA on Tmall Global: Store and product page


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