Queen of Peelings

Nearly thirty years ago, the new premium skincare brand NEODERMA surprised the international beauty world with a natural, yet highly effective, Bio-Peeling. The peeling enchased the possibilities for skin-enhancing treatments based on herbs and plant extracts. Bio-Peeling is vegan, not only the beauty market but also the general social awareness and trend. It was mainly the beautiful results of the Bio-Peeling that made the treatment the number 1 peeling of the professional beauty industry.

With the same dedication, expertise & desire for better skin with which the manufacturer from Cyprus entered the beauty industry in the early nineties, the scientific Research & Development teams of NEODERMA looked at further improvements and possibilities. The result: the new Bio-Peeling is expected to be launched during the first quarter of 2020. Just like the existing line, it is a careful composition of plant-based ingredients, which penetrate perfectly into the skin as active ingredients to regenerate them.

However, the customer experiences the most significant innovation in the NEW Bio-Peeling immediately during and after the treatment. Just like thirty years ago, NEODERMA comes up with an innovation that nobody thought was possible and that its time is ahead.

With the new Bio-Peeling you achieve the known and desired result - without the pain that peeling typicaly characterizes. Sounds almost too good to be true, because whoever wants to be beautiful must suffer pain, right? With this renewed Bio-Peeling, NEODERMA proves the opposite!

Choose your skin

Those who want to be beautiful no longer have to suffer pain. The Bio-Peeling is, therefore, the Queen of the NEODERMA Cabin-Concept. The specialized treatment for regenerating the facial skin provides an instant solution for dull, dull skin. Exfoliating the skin is based on algae and plant extracts that thoroughly clean and renew the skin. This reduces age spots and fine lines in the face. Instead of the fiery burning that can usually be experienced by the customer, there is now only a light-heat tingling of active substances that work in the skin and stimulate blood circulation.

There is an extensive protocol that allows beauticians to achieve the best results under various skin conditions. After intensive cleaning and showing, Bio-Peeling ensures the skin renewed, after which it is soothed, oxygenated, and protected against UV rays. The result of this premium treatment: a young, fresh, and radiant skin.

The Bio-Peeling falls within the NEODERMA Cabin Concept and lasts approximately sixty minutes. The number of sessions depends on the skin and the skin condition, with the intensive program, including weekly sessions. For optimum results, the Bio-Peeling can be repeated periodically.

Anno 2020

The launch of the new Queen of Peelings will be in early 2020. NEODERMA keeps you informed of all developments via the professional media and social channels. And of course, through the manufacturer's exclusive online Professional Platform, where you can join as a Beauty Professional for all kinds of subject information and support. Both existing and new customers can register there to keep abreast of all developments within the high-quality brand. The recently launched Cabin Concept and the Spa Concept are also further explained here. 


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