on September 20, 2020


Queen of Peelings

The new Bio-Peeling from NEODERMA was recently announced with innovative and very welcome feature: no pain! At the start of 2020, not only 1, but 2 new peelings shall be launched on Friday, January 31st, at the NEODERMA Experience Center in Naarden. Read more about the amazing ingredients of the innovative Bio-Peeling Earth Edition and the Bio-Peeling Floret Edition.
The professional development team of NEODERMA left no stone unturned to create the most significant peeling innovation ever. In their complete new factory - which meets the strictest requirements to produce the premium skincare products completely airless - all extracts and active ingredients are kept at optimum levels. Scientists, dermatologists and beauticians are intensively involved in composing the new Bio-Peeling. This potent combination of topnotch knowledge of the skin, skin concerns and skin solutions, result in the launch of two different peelings, which both have their strength and are complementary to one another.

Meet Earth & Floret

With the new Bio-Peeling, the algae and plant extracts work miraculously and fight against (acne) scars and stretch marks. They ensure a radiant and renewed skin, fight skin aging, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation, yet also improve the sagging skin from belly or arms. The brand new peelings can, therefore, be ideal in more areas of the body to achieve skin improvement!
Instead of the fiery burning, which is typically experienced by the customer, with the new Bio-Peeling, you will only feel a warm tingling of active ingredients working in the skin and stimulating blood circulation. After the NEODERMA Bio-Peeling training & with clear protocols by your side, as a specialist, you can use the two variants in a series of treatments or a single treatment with the BIO-peeling that best suits the skin condition and skin concern. Choose your skin!
Depending on the underlying condition of the skin of the client, you can start a series of sessions with the most suitable edition of Bio-Peeling. The Earth Edition is made of Algae to improve the skin. The combination of ingredients such as Ascophyllum Nodosum (a nourishing, revitalizing and detoxifying seaweed), Spirulina Maxima (moisturizes, protects and improves the greasy or delicate skin), Calendula Officinalis (as skincare active ingredient full of antioxidants) and Chamomile Recutita (which soothes and softens the skin, very suitable for sensitive skin) make the Earth Edition perform wonders on the (affected) skin.
The Bio-Peeling Floret Edition has its strength in the application of various flowers that enhance the radiant skin and provide energy. Just like the Earth Edition, this Bio-Peeling contains Ascophyllum Nodosum and Spirulina Maxima. Additional ingredients such as Kaolin (a soft clay that moisturize and thoroughly exfoliates), Zinc oxide (preventing premature aging of the skin), calamine (a combination of zinc and iron oxide, to relief an irritated and itchy skin) and Oryza Sativa (Asian rice starch, which has a long-lasting mattifying effect and regulates skin hydration), ensure this great results of this BIO-peeling. The Beautician can create a perfect balance in skin regeneration by complementing the Earth & Floret Editions in a series of treatments.

With #CleanBeauty and #VeganBeauty as a statement for 2020, the new Bio-Peelings offer a great chance to boost your salon with enthusiastic new or existing clients. Both new and existing clients with various skin backgrounds and skin ideals will experience quick and painless improvements.
Fine Art & Heritage

The natural ingredients in the new Bio-Peeling compound are presented in an elegant yet honorable manner by NEODERMA. It is like strolling around a beautiful museum where the powerful zoomed images made with microlight processing fascinate the viewer immensely. In various shades and with a dark or bright background, the algae, flowers, and other plant extracts are presented as paintings. Can you see them on the wall in your salon? Beautiful eye-catchers which instantly intrigue passing clients for the ingredients which do so much good for their skin!

Author: Cathelijne Cras.

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