January 2024. – NEODERMA, the world's first Airless Luxury Skincare line, and a rapidly growing European skincare brand, is excited to announce its strategic expansion into the emerging beauty market of Peru.

Peru's cosmetics and hygiene market, valued at 2.36 billion USD according to, presents a dynamic landscape for beauty and skincare brands.

Recognizing the country's appreciation for spa treatments and beauty products incorporating natural ingredients, NEODERMA anticipates a warm reception for its premium formulations that embody the power of clean, ethically sourced elements.

To enhance the consumer experience, NEODERMA will be launching its products in MOOSH, which are exclusive high-end retail establishments designed to offer an immersive environment for customers to indulge in and intimately experience the brand.

These concept boutiques will be complemented by NEODERMA's availability at premium online stores and through partnerships with doctors, dermatologists, and skincare professionals.

Peruvian consumers will have access to NEODERMA's Blue Blood Line, the Neo-Hydro products, the Neo-Youth, the Smart Living Cleansers, and next-gen Toning-Lotions featuring patented FUSION-BIOTICS© technology delivering a comprehensive range of luxury skincare options.

Since undergoing a transformative rebranding in 2017, NEODERMA products have firmly established themselves as the vanguard of excellence in European compliance standards.

This encompasses rigorous dermatological and ophthalmological testing, adherence to vegan principles, and a commitment to epitomizing the essence of "clean beauty."

As NEODERMA continues to make waves in the skincare industry, it anticipates a bright future in Peru, building on its success in pivotal global markets across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


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