Amsterdam. 21 December 2020.

Driven by innovation, inspired by luxury - this is more than a mere tagline for NEODERMA, an opulent skincare brand which has tirelessly sought out areas in which to grow, expand, experiment, and reinvent itself. It’s a mission statement, and one which has led to imminent launch of The Moon Pouch©; an exciting product release which heralds NEODERMA’s arrival as an essential new name on the luxury lifestyle scene. 

The Moon Pouch© represents a key leap forwards in the 30-year history of the NEODERMA brand, and esteemed partners and loyal customers of NEODERMA skincare solutions are eagerly anticipating the rapidly-approaching launch. 

It’s the natural conclusion of three years of regeneration and reinvigoration for the brand. Across this period, numerous innovative steps have been taken to provide its select audience with products which present a new benchmark for quality, and a new celebration of the beauty of design. Such values combined have led to a thrilling array of skincare and beauty lines, in which even daily-use cosmetics, cleansers, and toning lotions are heightened and finessed with science-driven approaches and audacious new concepts.

“To create iconic products is to imbue them with soul, innovation, and exceptional design,” says Andreas Loizou, NEODERMA’s CEO. “We came to the conclusion that we have so much more to offer to our consumers, who are drawn to the NEODERMA brand values of ethical luxury and relentless innovation. We want to celebrate how a design should look and feel—its surface, form, and touch. From the materials we have selected to the efficiency, carbon footprint, and vegan-friendly nature of The Moon Pouch©, we’ve ensured that those brand values aren’t just intact. They’ve been perfected and heightened to a new level of excellence.” 

Reflecting The Moon Pouch’s significance as a pivotal moment in NEODERMA’s House of Beauty history, only a limited run of the luxury handmade handbags will be made available during its initial launch in the third quarter of 2021.

When asked about the eye-catchingly classic aesthetic of The Moon Pouch©, Loizou was quick to point out the timeless nature of the moon’s influence on design traditions worldwide. With its distinctive circular shape, understated elegance, and clear natural symbolism and significance, there’s no escaping the fact that The Moon Pouch© fits seamlessly into the esteemed NEODERMA range, while representing a bold and ambitious new direction for the brand. 

NEODERMA will release more details on the official launch date in due course. 

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