Birthmarks are areas of skin discoloration, usually benign, that appear at birth or shortly after. They can come in various sizes, shapes, and colors, but for the most part, they fit into one of two categories: vascular or pigmented. Vascular birthmarks develop when blood vessels irregularly form in parts of the skin. On the other hand, pigmented birthmarks appear due to excess melanin in an area of the body. While most birthmarks are benign and don't require removal (unless you want to), some birthmarks can be precancerous or cancerous, and removal is necessary to prevent the condition from worsening.

Here are your options for removing a birthmark:

(1) Medication. Certain medications can help with reducing the appearance of vascular birthmarks by shrinking blood vessels.

(2) Laser therapy.

(3) Surgery. Surgical removal is more effective for pigmented birthmarks than laser therapy or medication.


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