Lip Hyperpigmentation

If you've been noticing the darkening of your lips lately, chances are you're dealing with lip hyperpigmentation. Beauty experts and dermatologists explain that lip hyperpigmentation results from increased melanin deposits in the lip caused by trauma, smoking, medications, sun exposure, or inflammatory reactions. The good news? You can correct lip hyperpigmentation regardless of the root cause.

Read on for some tips:

(1) Be cautious with exfoliating if you have lip hyperpigmentation.

(2) Avoid licking your lips. Lip-licking can cause inflammation of the skin that can lead to hyperpigmentation.

(3) Stop smoking.

(4) Be patient. If your lip hyperpigmentation is due to an allergic reaction from topical medication, cosmetics, or food, it'll often resolve on its own in a couple of months.


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