Sallow Skin

Sallow-looking skin can be caused by vitamin deficiency, smoking, anemia, and lack of sleep. To treat sallow skin and get your healthy glow back, you must first treat the underlying cause. For example, if vitamin deficiency is causing your skin to look dull, you need to increase the number of fruits and vegetables you consume daily. But beyond fixing a few lifestyle habits, your skincare routine can also help rejuvenate your skin. Here are a few tips: (1) Apply topical vitamin C. This will help protect your skin from environmental and free-radical damage that can induce aging. (2) Use Broad-Spectrum SPF every day. Sun protection is a crucial part of any skincare routine for healthy skin. (3) Incorporate retinol at night. It can address various skin concerns, such as uneven skin tone, fine lines, and wrinkles.

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